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About Shirley

A Central Valley native, Shirley Sprinkle picked up a whisk and a spatula when she was twelve years old and hasn’t looked back. Whether preparing for a crowd of several hundred or an intimate dinner party, she is happiest surrounded by family and food. From and early age, her Armenian heritage taught her that food is a most welcome expression of love.

Shirley’s professional experience includes many years as the Catering Manager at California State University, Fresno. Her duties included wedding receptions, Sky Box parties, small dinners for dignitaries, and banquets for up to six hundred people.

Shirley’s passion is sharing her knowledge with others, especially those she calls the “Lost Generation,” -- that is men and women whose mothers returned to the work force and never passed on the secrets of meal planning.

Bistro Cooking Classes are Shirley’s gift to the community. Able to take meal preparation to its simplest form, Shirley teaches how to get the most from your grocery dollar, what items should be splurged on and what can be scrimped, how to shop the perimeter of the store to avoid impulse buys, and how to handle kitchen emergencies. Shirley believes cooking should be user-friendly. All classes are hands-on and she matches each student with recipes that fit their likes, lifestyle, and skills. After all, we do it twenty-one times a week. We should be able to do it simply and well.

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